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  Our Vision

The tea industry of Assam is almost 175 years old industry catering directly or indirectly around 50 lakh people in Assam as a livelihood. As such many families' livelihoods are dependent on its well being and development of this industry. At Sahoni our main intention is to promote and develop the current scenario to a sustainable and profitable industry with quality being the outmost important factor. We truly believe that our constant support with dedicated work force from ground zero to quality control and supervision would ensure upliftment of this industry and also the small tea growers holistically. This would ensure upliftment of socio economic condition of all the stakeholders related to this industry and Assam tea can become a prominent player in the international market. Constant quality check, training, awareness and line education would be our priority from Sahoni and we believe in "vision for a change" and our constant effort would be to bring this change at the grass root level where every small tea grower would be able to pride their produce. To bring about this massive change and provide support, Sahoni pledges to continuously work with the local youths keeping in mind the indigenous people of Assam.

The Small Tea Growers holds around 50 percent of the total tea production of Assam. The difficulty of small tea growers is enhancing day by day in terms of quality and production. Our objective is to digitize the work process of the unorganised sector and give a common platform where the small tea growers can get benefits by increase in productivity, communication and get production upliftment through advice & suggestions from our industry experts. We believe that our continuous endeavour to educate the small tea growers for technical knowhow, pest control, soil testing, communication of daily price would unable the industry, to produce as per international demand. This is an effort to solve the different difficulties faced by the small tea growers since inception in entire chain of business and boost the rural economy.

Our Skills

We emphasize on our primary skills, i.e Production Upliftment, Quality Tea-Expert, Data Analytics & Market Reach etc.

Production Upliftment


Quality Tea-Expert


Data Analytics


Market Reach


Team Sahoni

Pranabendra Hazarika

Founder, CEO

+91 9613853830
+91 8638259381


An Experience in Software & Marketing of over 16 years in companies like Oracle, he is himself an STG for more than 20 years as his family business. He has done his management from Bangalore and now the focuses are on Sahoni Agro Services for working closely with the STGs of Assam and benefit them holistically.

J Roopa Shree

Co-Founder, CHRO

+91 9613853830
+91 8638259381


An Experience in Human Resource & Training of over 10 years in companies like AOL, she is a self made & focused. She has done her Bio-Technology from Bangalore and now she brings her expertise in the field of crop management and her HR skills & Training.

Chandrahas Goswami

Co-Founder, CMO

+91 9613853830
+91 8638259381


An Experience in Cement & Telecom industries of over 12 years, he is himself an entrepreneur for more than 5 years as he was running his own business. He has done his management from Bangalore and now his focuses are on Sahoni Agro Services for working closely in the market and find new avenues.

Prandeep Borkakoti

Co-Founder, COO

+91 9613853830
+91 8638259381


An MCA working with Software Development & Marketing of over 6 years in Assam, he is from Titabor. He has done extensive marketing in upper Assam for many years and now the focuses are on Sahoni Agro Services for working closely with the STGs of Assam and creating new opportunities.

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