Vision for a Change...

Welcome To Sahoni, Assam

Tea Industry has been an integral part of Assam Agro Industry since the Britishers started plantation across Assam. In 1978, the then Agriculture Minister late Sonewar Bora initiated small tea gardens by the youth of Assam. This revolutionized and resulted in many farmers to become STGs (Small Tea Growers).

In this present scenario STGs produces a total of 50% of the tea production in Assam. But there are numerous problems been faced by the STGs from day to day. Many supporting bodies such as Tocklai Tea Research Centre, Small Tea Grower Association and the Tea Board of India are trying to help the STGs in all possible manners. We from Sahoni firmly believe that our effort would ensure the benefit of more than 25 hundred thousand people in Assam involved in this industry directly or indirectly. Improving the socioeconomic status of the STGs by increase in production, quality of produce and recognition would be the primary aim. Efforts for technical know-how, pest control and fertilizer usages would help STGs to realize that they would be able to become better tea growers and increase their plantations. This would also encourage the youth of Assam to become independent by being a STG himself. Generation of employment through directly and indirectly would increase resulting in self sufficiency.

Our efforts are to bring the highly unorganized STGs across the industry to a common platform, where they can get mutual benefits within the chain and increase productivity, profitability and communication. Such services would bring a massive change in the lives of the people in the rural and semi urban localities.


Quality Analysis

To ensure better quality of leaf production at grass root level. To achieve thi our team would work hand in hand with the small tea growers.

Production Growth

Increase in productivity of the small holdings of the STG would enable them to scale up their business giving them opportunity in increased income.

Price Communication

To facilitate the communication of factory and collectors price on a daily basis would help the STG's to have transparency on a day to day basis.

Record Keeping

Automated online record to maintain weekly and monthly transactions would help STG's and Collectors for hassel free book keeping.


Support them industry expert to help STG's for overall development of their small holdings would enable them to become professional planters.

Digital Platform

Sharing a degitised platform for the STG's, Collectors and the Factories would enable a ease and transparent work process through a common window.